Creative block.

It’s very easy to lose focus of your long-term ambitions and hyperfocus on the immediate needs and priorities on life, the things that need attending to right then and there, meanwhile your ‘real’ goals get pushed further into the distance that is ‘one day ill get round to them’. I’m sure this is the reality for many people who aspire to work in creative fields whilst in their day to day doing very routine, textbook, repetitive tasks.


As of recent, this has been my reality. After spending 5-7hrs day typing lectures and completing heavily weighted deadlines for my Biomedical Science degree, I found myself too tired or productively burnt out to use my downtime to pursue my passions. My website which you’re reading now became dormant for 8 months, my portfolio grew by a grand total of 0 Images & my Instagram lost 40% of its traffic due to the decline in the production quality of my images. This only made it more difficult to hop back on the proverbial horse.

That being said, I aim to take more photos, edit them for hours to perfect them and post them have put a piece of my work out there that I’m proud of. Hopefully, make money to invest in more equipment and further the brand that I am building for myself.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Success takes time, setbacks are normal.



Photography basics: 1. Exposure

Before discussing topics like post-production and colour correction or PS6 or Adobe lightroom, I should go through the basics in a series of 1-3 or 1-5 posts.

The most important aspect before framing or even correct white balance would be correctly exposing the camera for the environment you’re in and the kind of shot you want to take. Exposure consists of 3 important factors, all which are interconnected, so if one is adjusted the rest are affected in a knock on effect. 3 Factors:

  1. ISO (sensitivity to light)
  2. Aperture (proportion of sensor exposed)
  3. Shutter speed (degree of time the sensor is exposed to light)

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The importance of post production.

Post production in terms of editing is a crucial part of photography, some people think to edit your pictures after they’ve been taken takes away from the reality and rawness of the image. Although this may be true in some aspects I think that post production allows you to salvage a shot that just doesn’t embody the vision you had for it. Continue reading “The importance of post production.”

My First blog post

I plan to collect all my creative content and gather it all in one place, posting my thoughts or reasoning behind taking a certain photo, perhaps tell the stories they entail.
My expectations for where this will take me are low, so here goes nothing (but time). That being said although I want photography to be the main focus of my website I might also check out a few hidden gems in terms of coffee shops, breakfast bars etc. within my home town (Birmingham, UK) and share my thoughts on them, truth is I have a rough idea of how I want to structure my website but I’d rather just let it take its own direction and see where it goes, should be interesting…


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