Coffee Festival (Birmingham)

After becoming increasingly enthusiastic about different coffee blends, roasts and varieties I jumped at the opportunity to attend Birmingham’s coffee festival at the well known Custard Factory. Going there with very managed expectations I was blown away by how many like-minded people there were right on my doorstep and not too mention how many independent coffee corners in my city that I had yet to explore.


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Coffee corners ep 2: Yorks (review)

*UPDATE* – Don’t go here, disregard everything said below, it was way too early to make a judgement. Explanation in due time.


I come to Yorks bakery cafe every once in a while when I feel like a change in environment, they have an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic to the place with dark woods, caged lighting & white Eames chairs everywhere, it just has an overall inviting vibe.

Despite everything else being perfect the main focus should be the coffee (given that it is a coffee shop). The actual coffee roast is really unique: it tastes sweet and ripe showing that the espresso wasn’t over or under extracted but bitter at the same time to the right amount that a well-pulled espresso should be, it also has a nice lingering aftertaste. I think coffee should have a few flavour components that you can taste all at the same time, not just one dull tone that you’d expect from supermarket brand instant types. Continue reading “Coffee corners ep 2: Yorks (review)”

Coffee corners ep 1: Java Lounge (review)

Given that I’ll probably post a lot of posts sharing my thoughts on different coffee/food places I should probably start with my favorite. A few years ago I stumbled across a coffee shop called Java lounge which I’d blindly walked past hundreds of times assuming it was a hookah lounge due to the name (as hookah lounges are on every corner around where I live), before this I’d only drank ‘commercial’ style Costa and Starbucks coffee because as far as I knew they were supposed to be the ‘best’. After buying my first latte (or flat white I can’t really remember) I felt as if I’d been missing out by drinking 20 oz sub-standard standard £5 coffees.

dsc02978Just in case my thoughts on the place weren’t incredibly apparent above, I think Java have all the right aspects a coffee shop should have in the right amounts. Great coffee roasts, pretty latte art, welcoming environment, friendly staff and finally which is a make or break thing for me; Continue reading “Coffee corners ep 1: Java Lounge (review)”