Creative block.

It’s very easy to lose focus of your long-term ambitions and hyperfocus on the immediate needs and priorities on life, the things that need attending to right then and there, meanwhile your ‘real’ goals get pushed further into the distance that is ‘one day ill get round to them’. I’m sure this is the reality for many people who aspire to work in creative fields whilst in their day to day doing very routine, textbook, repetitive tasks.


As of recent, this has been my reality. After spending 5-7hrs day typing lectures and completing heavily weighted deadlines for my Biomedical Science degree, I found myself too tired or productively burnt out to use my downtime to pursue my passions. My website which you’re reading now became dormant for 8 months, my portfolio grew by a grand total of 0 Images & my Instagram lost 40% of its traffic due to the decline in the production quality of my images. This only made it more difficult to hop back on the proverbial horse.

That being said, I aim to take more photos, edit them for hours to perfect them and post them have put a piece of my work out there that I’m proud of. Hopefully, make money to invest in more equipment and further the brand that I am building for myself.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Success takes time, setbacks are normal.



You can’t be good at everything.

Recently I’ve come to a very simple realisation that ‘you simply cannot be good at everything’. By ‘good’ I mean educated in the matter. It’s odd because you may think that you understand these cliche sayings you hear through your life but understanding means nothing without enforcement. Since enforcing this philosophy I’ve really increased my productivity.

There was a point in time where there were several things I seemed to be juggling around trying to be good at, not just within photography but within my life as well. In photography, I wanted to take the best landscapes, the best portraits, the best long exposures, the best low light shots etc. Outside of Photography I wanted to be completely informed on how to go about fitness, how to go about studying, to be well read, to be good at managing my finances. All of this just isn’t feasible (at least not all in one go).

I guess this is more of a commentary on self-awareness, I found out what my niche is and what I’m good at, on this flip-side I’ve made peace with what I’m shit at. Continue reading “You can’t be good at everything.”

Coffee Festival (Birmingham)

After becoming increasingly enthusiastic about different coffee blends, roasts and varieties I jumped at the opportunity to attend Birmingham’s coffee festival at the well known Custard Factory. Going there with very managed expectations I was blown away by how many like-minded people there were right on my doorstep and not too mention how many independent coffee corners in my city that I had yet to explore.


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Over the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve developed a love/enthusiasm for spending my time in independent coffee corners, tasting the different roasts and flavours each place has to offer.

I think coffee represents more than just a hot beverage that people drink when pulling that stressful all-nighter, or when trying to wake up for that 7 am shift; it provides a medium or excuse for people to connect with each other, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is… but what it allows.

For me that ‘it’ just so happens to be filter coffee.


Photography basics: 1. Exposure

Before discussing topics like post-production and colour correction or PS6 or Adobe lightroom, I should go through the basics in a series of 1-3 or 1-5 posts.

The most important aspect before framing or even correct white balance would be correctly exposing the camera for the environment you’re in and the kind of shot you want to take. Exposure consists of 3 important factors, all which are interconnected, so if one is adjusted the rest are affected in a knock on effect. 3 Factors:

  1. ISO (sensitivity to light)
  2. Aperture (proportion of sensor exposed)
  3. Shutter speed (degree of time the sensor is exposed to light)

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The importance of post production.

Post production in terms of editing is a crucial part of photography, some people think to edit your pictures after they’ve been taken takes away from the reality and rawness of the image. Although this may be true in some aspects I think that post production allows you to salvage a shot that just doesn’t embody the vision you had for it. Continue reading “The importance of post production.”

Interest v Necessity

The balance between interest and necessity is one that is incredibly hard to maintain or even hold in the first place. In a perfect world, we would be able to satisfy our necessities through our interests, however many of us including myself don’t live in that world.

These two themes will be different for everybody, people who have mastered this balance may have perhaps made a career of their passion e.g. A foodie running a successful food blog or a tech enthusiast owning a successful review channel etc. Others who struggle to find this balance might work a 9-5 they hate or in my case be on a degree their hearts aren’t 100% in, to make enough money to put themselves in a position to do what they want for a career, or even to be able to take the risks necessary to get there. Continue reading “Interest v Necessity”

Productivity Tracklist

Heres just links to some songs good for playing in the background whilst studying/working or just if you’re into chilled out music.

  1. The XX – Angels
  2. Ben Howard – Wouldn’t be a lie
  3. Ben Howard – Games in the dark
  4. Hozier – Work song
  5. Hozier – Sedated
  6. Alt J – Matilda
  7. Tristen Beer – Fly Away
  8. Riley Pearce – Brave
  9. James Bay – Clocks go forward
  10. James Bay – Wait in line