You can’t be good at everything.

Recently I’ve come to a very simple realisation that ‘you simply cannot be good at everything’. By ‘good’ I mean educated in the matter. It’s odd because you may think that you understand these cliche sayings you hear through your life but understanding means nothing without enforcement. Since enforcing this philosophy I’ve really increased my productivity.

There was a point in time where there were several things I seemed to be juggling around trying to be good at, not just within photography but within my life as well. In photography, I wanted to take the best landscapes, the best portraits, the best long exposures, the best low light shots etc. Outside of Photography I wanted to be completely informed on how to go about fitness, how to go about studying, to be well read, to be good at managing my finances. All of this just isn’t feasible (at least not all in one go).

I guess this is more of a commentary on self-awareness, I found out what my niche is and what I’m good at, on this flip-side I’ve made peace with what I’m shit at. Knowing these two things will increase the quality and outlook you have on your life. Once you know what you’re good at, DOUBLE DOWN ON IT. Strengthening your weaknesses is good advice to an extent, however, why not just go to the people who’s strengths lie in the areas in which you’ve accepted are not yours for help/advice? Doing this will decrease your workload and give you more time, money and energy to double down on your strengths (which is where the inc productivity comes into play).Yorksshop

Just as an example I wanted to be in shape, but there’s a whole world of knowledge to dive into before I even know that whatever I was doing was ‘right’ or more importantly effective, thus creating a hurdle. These ‘hurdles’ kill progress, so I just eliminated it by going to someone who already was ‘good’ at the area in which I was self-aware enough to know I’m shit at. This person was a close friend and fitness enthusiast Sufyaan (click his name to check him out), soon after I made progress fitness wise.

You need to think bigger than your own journey and have a network of people who help each other grow and succeed, to very simply accept that… you cannot be good at everything.

P.s if this article seemed to be beating around the bush the overall concept is very simply summarised in a video by Gary Vaynerchuk (click here to watch). Let me know your thoughts in the comments section or on one of my social media handles (top right).




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