Coffee Festival (Birmingham)

After becoming increasingly enthusiastic about different coffee blends, roasts and varieties I jumped at the opportunity to attend Birmingham’s coffee festival at the well known Custard Factory. Going there with very managed expectations I was blown away by how many like-minded people there were right on my doorstep and not too mention how many independent coffee corners in my city that I had yet to explore.


The event was hosted in some industrial indoor warehouse style setting with chipped white paint on the walls and hardwood floors, these details might seem tedious but they set the scene. Walking in you’re given a wristband (the type that are stronger than some people’s relationships), hit with the aroma of Arabica coffee and the sound of live acoustic music.


There were a bunch of stands from all of my favourite places, particularly places from around city centre like 200 Degrees Coffee and Java Lounge. Some were there simply promoting coffee, some freshly baked goods and even some vegan cutlery stands, so they all attracted a wide array of people.


Walking around eating a brownie with a flat white, listening to a cover of Valerie playing in the background with the company of friends made me just feel in my element. I’d encourage anyone who has a passion or interest in anything to go out of your way to see what’s going on locally related to it, especially if you ever plan to take your career down that route, events like this are brilliant opportunities to network, skill only takes you 10% of the way, connections take you the other 90%, fortunately and unfortunately that’s the world we live in.






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