Interest v Necessity

The balance between interest and necessity is one that is incredibly hard to maintain or even hold in the first place. In a perfect world, we would be able to satisfy our necessities through our interests, however many of us including myself don’t live in that world.

These two themes will be different for everybody, people who have mastered this balance may have perhaps made a career of their passion e.g. A foodie running a successful food blog or a tech enthusiast owning a successful review channel etc. Others who struggle to find this balance might work a 9-5 they hate or in my case be on a degree their hearts aren’t 100% in, to make enough money to put themselves in a position to do what they want for a career, or even to be able to take the risks necessary to get there.

What’s ironic is that despite my option being the supposed ‘safe’ option, it still provides no guarantees. Graduates leave university unable to get a job because they don’t have enough experience and unable to get experience because they can’t get a job, over qualified for low paying jobs and underqualified for high-paying jobs, it’s in this dead space you become trapped with at best a £36,000 piece of paper with no source of income.

This isn’t me saying this entire system is fucked, I can just see through the cliche that there’s a dead straight positive correlation between hard work and success, there is a rough relationship that can very easily be swayed by factors such as luck, connections, and circumstance.

Perhaps one day I can read this post of me shitting myself about my future from a position where I hold that perfect balance between interest and necessity.



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