Coffee corners ep 2: Yorks (review)

*UPDATE* – Don’t go here, disregard everything said below, it was way too early to make a judgement. Explanation in due time.


I come to Yorks bakery cafe every once in a while when I feel like a change in environment, they have an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic to the place with dark woods, caged lighting & white Eames chairs everywhere, it just has an overall inviting vibe.

Despite everything else being perfect the main focus should be the coffee (given that it is a coffee shop). The actual coffee roast is really unique: it tastes sweet and ripe showing that the espresso wasn’t over or under extracted but bitter at the same time to the right amount that a well-pulled espresso should be, it also has a nice lingering aftertaste. I think coffee should have a few flavour components that you can taste all at the same time, not just one dull tone that you’d expect from supermarket brand instant types.20170221_164503

Not that it matters the latter art on the coffee was also pretty, just to be clear THIS IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF GOOD COFFEE, just a sign of flare that’s welcomed and nice to see. That being said it was kind of hit and miss, here is a picture of the exact same drink ordered as the picture on the left the next day… I wasn’t bothered because both taste as good as each other.

A few other cons would be that they don’t offer syrups so you wouldn’t be able to go and order a caramel or hazelnut latte & the wifi can be unusable at times especially if you’re sitting downstairs. I found myself tethering my 4g from my phone which wasn’t practical.


To wrap up I enjoy going to Yorks every now and then they do everything right but it lacks the subtleties that make a place whole like other places have, there’s no real regulars or sense of community between workers and customers. That aside they’re in a perfect location, have a good playlist, have amazing coffee so the pros outweigh the cons ten fold.



















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