Coffee corners ep 1: Java Lounge (review)

Given that I’ll probably post a lot of posts sharing my thoughts on different coffee/food places I should probably start with my favorite. A few years ago I stumbled across a coffee shop called Java lounge which I’d blindly walked past hundreds of times assuming it was a hookah lounge due to the name (as hookah lounges are on every corner around where I live), before this I’d only drank ‘commercial’ style Costa and Starbucks coffee because as far as I knew they were supposed to be the ‘best’. After buying my first latte (or flat white I can’t really remember) I felt as if I’d been missing out by drinking 20 oz sub-standard standard £5 coffees.

dsc02978Just in case my thoughts on the place weren’t incredibly apparent above, I think Java have all the right aspects a coffee shop should have in the right amounts. Great coffee roasts, pretty latte art, welcoming environment, friendly staff and finally which is a make or break thing for me; fast wifi, power outlets and open work spaces for students
like myself.


Anything good isn’t without its flaws and in this case it comes down to one aspect that will always bother me in the background… THE MUSIC. I know that music taste is a completely subjective area but I’ve always disliked the style of music playing, it never fit the vibe of everything else which they had down to a tee. Just to give you an idea songs like Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo play on loop. Another thing I noticed is that the standard of coffee making isn’t consistent between branches, the Colmore Row branch makes coffees to a much higher standard compared to the Moseley branch in terms of extraction, latte art and consistency.

Despite this I still find myself here every day or occasionally twice a day, call it a home away from home, I do go to a lot of other coffee shops around the city but Javas become my go to place. If you ever find yourself nearby (Colmore row or Moseley village) order yourself a flat white or a Lawson if you prefer stronger coffee and let me know what you think over here.




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