Over the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve developed a love/enthusiasm for spending my time in independent coffee corners, tasting the different roasts and flavours each place has to offer.

I think coffee represents more than just a hot beverage that people drink when pulling that stressful all-nighter, or when trying to wake up for that 7 am shift; it provides a medium or excuse for people to connect with each other, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is… but what it allows.

For me that ‘it’ just so happens to be filter coffee.


Photography basics: 1. Exposure

Before discussing topics like post-production and colour correction or PS6 or Adobe lightroom, I should go through the basics in a series of 1-3 or 1-5 posts.

The most important aspect before framing or even correct white balance would be correctly exposing the camera for the environment you’re in and the kind of shot you want to take. Exposure consists of 3 important factors, all which are interconnected, so if one is adjusted the rest are affected in a knock on effect. 3 Factors:

  1. ISO (sensitivity to light)
  2. Aperture (proportion of sensor exposed)
  3. Shutter speed (degree of time the sensor is exposed to light)

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Interest v Necessity

The balance between interest and necessity is one that is incredibly hard to maintain or even hold in the first place. In a perfect world, we would be able to satisfy our necessities through our interests, however many of us including myself don’t live in that world.

These two themes will be different for everybody, people who have mastered this balance may have perhaps made a career of their passion e.g. A foodie running a successful food blog or a tech enthusiast owning a successful review channel etc. Others who struggle to find this balance might work a 9-5 they hate or in my case be on a degree their hearts aren’t 100% in, to make enough money to put themselves in a position to do what they want for a career, or even to be able to take the risks necessary to get there. Continue reading “Interest v Necessity”

Coffee corners ep 2: Yorks (review)

*UPDATE* – Don’t go here, disregard everything said below, it was way too early to make a judgement. Explanation in due time.


I come to Yorks bakery cafe every once in a while when I feel like a change in environment, they have an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic to the place with dark woods, caged lighting & white Eames chairs everywhere, it just has an overall inviting vibe.

Despite everything else being perfect the main focus should be the coffee (given that it is a coffee shop). The actual coffee roast is really unique: it tastes sweet and ripe showing that the espresso wasn’t over or under extracted but bitter at the same time to the right amount that a well-pulled espresso should be, it also has a nice lingering aftertaste. I think coffee should have a few flavour components that you can taste all at the same time, not just one dull tone that you’d expect from supermarket brand instant types. Continue reading “Coffee corners ep 2: Yorks (review)”

Coffee corners ep 1: Java Lounge (review)

Given that I’ll probably post a lot of posts sharing my thoughts on different coffee/food places I should probably start with my favorite. A few years ago I stumbled across a coffee shop called Java lounge which I’d blindly walked past hundreds of times assuming it was a hookah lounge due to the name (as hookah lounges are on every corner around where I live), before this I’d only drank ‘commercial’ style Costa and Starbucks coffee because as far as I knew they were supposed to be the ‘best’. After buying my first latte (or flat white I can’t really remember) I felt as if I’d been missing out by drinking 20 oz sub-standard standard £5 coffees.

dsc02978Just in case my thoughts on the place weren’t incredibly apparent above, I think Java have all the right aspects a coffee shop should have in the right amounts. Great coffee roasts, pretty latte art, welcoming environment, friendly staff and finally which is a make or break thing for me; Continue reading “Coffee corners ep 1: Java Lounge (review)”

My First blog post

I plan to collect all my creative content and gather it all in one place, posting my thoughts or reasoning behind taking a certain photo, perhaps tell the stories they entail.
My expectations for where this will take me are low, so here goes nothing (but time). That being said although I want photography to be the main focus of my website I might also check out a few hidden gems in terms of coffee shops, breakfast bars etc. within my home town (Birmingham, UK) and share my thoughts on them, truth is I have a rough idea of how I want to structure my website but I’d rather just let it take its own direction and see where it goes, should be interesting…


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