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My journey’s beginning

Through following other inspiring content creators, such as Ben Brown, Swopes, Abbas Space etc. my love for photography surfaced. Although my inspiration was drawn from individuals who’s careers are based on solely creating content, for me photography is more of a hobby.

So I took my dad’s 16mp battered Sony-NEX 5n (p.s that’s where the username came from) and looked at the world through my own eyes imagining how the camera shutter would see it. I think you can appreciate life much more this way even if you don’t plan on taking pictures – seeing the beauty in what would otherwise go unnoticed is a true blessing.


I took pictures of what intrigued me for a range of reasons (vibrancy, simplicity, minimalism etc.), even if that meant taking a mirror selfie in retail shops without buying anything.


Capturing the right moment at the right time embodies a feeling or aura that will never be recreated; this is something truly extraordinary. This is why I choose to lug around a 15lb camera bag around city centre or wake up at 4.30am to get the perfect sunrise, to capture that perfect moment.

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If you are inquiring about wedding/engagement/events photography, please use this form to contact me.

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Creative block.

It’s very easy to lose focus of your long-term ambitions and hyperfocus on the immediate needs and priorities on life, the things that need attending to right then and there, meanwhile your ‘real’ goals get pushed further into the distance that is ‘one day ill get round to them’. I’m sure this is the reality … Continue reading Creative block.

You can’t be good at everything.

Recently I’ve come to a very simple realisation that ‘you simply cannot be good at everything’. By ‘good’ I mean educated in the matter. It’s odd because you may think that you understand these cliche sayings you hear through your life but understanding means nothing without enforcement. Since enforcing this philosophy I’ve really increased my … Continue reading You can’t be good at everything.